Let’s Talk Marketing!

There are clear signs it’s time for a marketing consultation.

First, you’re not getting the customers you want through the door.
Second, you’re spending tons of money on campaigns and can’t make sense of why you’re not getting a return on your investment.

Small and medium-sized businesses often don’t think they need marketing until it’s too late. Or they will take the cheap road and hire an agency that promises the world without delivering.

Here at Marina Bay Media, we provide honest, actionable advice for marketing your business. We specialize in working with founders and business owners who want to stay involved with marketing but are smart enough to know when to call the experts.



Avoid marketer’s tunnel vision

Struggling to cut through the noise and break through your competition?

Every business has a unique value, but many business owners lack the bandwidth and personnel to juggle an effective marketing campaign.

The problem is time – you may think you have the time to manage dozens of different marketing tools but do you really? 

Without a clear roadmap, it can be hard for anyone to invest in a new tool, or train a new employee. Let us take the headache out of marketing and get you back to focusing on one thing – results.

What we do

We set measurable and meaningful marketing goals – appropriately tailored to your business growth metrics, boosting your brand clout and setting you up to address competitors with ease

We provide realistic and actionable research on your target clientele – giving you an understanding of your customers to aid you in crafting content to optimize sales, encourage repeat visits, and increase referrals

We train your team to maintain consistent and transparent implementation – creating a comprehensive brand strategy and providing advice on best practices for content management

We provide you transparency throughout the creative process – providing hands-on consultation to implement a marketing strategy that is appropriate for your individual business needs

Our Specialties


Professional Services

Healthcare, insurance, financial services, real estate, nonprofits, and professional associations


Emerging Technology

Software, hardware, advanced manufacturing, IoT, transportation and logistics


Lifestyle Marketing

Gourmet food, fine wine, and consumer goods

Looking for a fresh start on marketing?

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